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Shane grabbed a soldier and snapped his neck with little issue, grabbing his rifle, knives, and ammunition.  ”I don’t think you’ve thought this through, Grimes.  Either way you have you and yours, if you insist on being here, I’ll help you make this place secure.  First thing’s first once this is clear, you send out scouts to take down the Terminus signs.  And somebody paints over the Terminus sign on this damn building.”  He grunted, snapping another hiding “soldier’s” neck with an almost bored expression.

"I hope you managed to hide most of your weapons otherwise you’re a bigger idiot than I thought you were."  He scowled, cranky he’d had to get smacked around to rescue Rick and his crew.  Once they cleared their area and Shane toted the bodies to the mass pile of body parts, h headed back to the rendez-vous point with his friend.  "You are so goddamn lucky I was tracking you.  So. lucky."  He finally touched at his bleeding temple.

Rick managed his own taking out a few stray soldiers but he didn’t say a thing until they were back at the rendezvous point. Shane had more than a point. He could have gotten them all killed. If Shane was just some kid things would have been a lot harder as they would have killed them too. Coming here was merely a chance at the hope that he thought he had buried back at that isolated house with Carl.

Heavily he sighed and lowered his eyes. “I didn’t bring my weapons in. Brought useless ones, pretty much. Most of them are buried. The signs will come down and we’ll make great use of this place for sure.” His eyes squinted a little as he stepped forward to get a better look at his bleeding temple. “And we owe you our lives…unless you keep ranting at how stupid I was.”

Five Long Years || Rick & Ellana



It had been five, long years. Five years since Knight had finally found her. Since he had taken her away, and put her through a new array of hell. Five years since she had broke free, and fled once more. But, of course thing’s had to get more complicated. Eventually, the young Shadow Witch learnt of what the vampire had planned. Learnt that the monster was going after someone she cared for. Someone who now hated her.

But, he had a family. He had been the first person to show her kindness. To allow her to feel as if she wasn’t a complete monster. Though, that last part changed the night his daughter was born. The night his wife had died within her arms. Everything had changed when she had tried so hard to be good. 

The young Witch returned though. Came back to that small little town, and left a letter within his mail box. Hoped that somehow, she could just make sure those two children okay. Hoped that she could make sure, that even if he hated her, Knight hadn’t once again won out. 

                                ‘Not Dead,
                                 let’s have dinner.
                                The pancake place,
                                           Ella xo’

So she waited. Waited at that cafe he had first taken her to. Waited to see if he still lived. Waited to see, if somehow, he had forgiven her. “—-Rick, hi.”


The mourning period had been harder than he had anticipated and much longer as well. Five years wasn’t enough time to recover from the pain of losing the love of your life. The mother of your son and the empty feeling that sinks into him whenever he thinks back on the guilt that has ruined him.

He should have been there.

Dragging himself up the steps to his house he found the mail and stumbled upon the letter.

She was here and she wanted to see him.

He went over the thought, the possibility of going to see her, getting angry again much like he had been the night that Lori had died, after her funeral. He had even barred her from attending. Blaming someone was easier than facing the guilt.

Eventually he got his usual babysitter and made his way to the restaurant. He took a seat across from her and let out a small sigh as he held her eyes, coldly.

"What are you doing back here?"

Times Like These-Rick&Shane-HIGH SCHOOL AU


Wasting time. Seemed like that was all Rick was doing lately, wasting all his time. Lingering where he should be lingering. He was always one to wanna take care of things. So he spread himself thin in places that he should have left behind.

And maybe now he oughta be glad that Rick thought he was wasting his time on him, on Sam, on pretty much every damned thing here. Because from what Shane could see it was true.

But Shane felt more than just like a hell hole of shit. There was something a lot like pain in him, it pinched hard. And he wasn’t sure if he was gonna be able to survive that.

He was so used to surviving with Rick. They’d be best friends since they were kids. Nothing was supposed to ever get in the way of that. They had needed each other, they were always there for each other.

He nodded though, knowing that all he could do was face the thing that felt a hell of a lot like defeat. Felt it bold. Not like the coward he was. But truth was he was scared of losing his best friend.

"Don’t waste it anymore then, man." he said with a shake of his head. "Just go on home."

There was a moment of need that filled him. Who was he going to let this out to? There was no one but Shane his entire life. No one but him to stand there and tell him what was wrong, what was right, what could be something real good and what could be real bad. But now that this had happened there wouldn’t be anyone.

They could hug it out like they did when they were younger, stealing each other’s baseball cards before finally admitting to it and a hug and a punch in the arm managed to make things right.

But they weren’t kids anymore.

He didn’t even say anything. He turned his back on him and headed on off towards his car where he had parked it. Shane’s presence was a ton of lead where he stood behind him and Rick resisted every urge to turn around and tell him that he forgave him.

It was easy to forgive when Rick felt like he was wrong in all kinds of ways.

Throwing open the car door he got inside and turned the key in the ignition. He saw Samantha coming out of the cabin but she wasn’t desperate to race after him. Instead she stood beside Shane, not looking at the car pulling out of the driveway but instead she turned to look at Shane as if waiting on him.

Rick’s eyes focused on the road and he wasn’t sure what was worst to accept. That he was wrong or that he felt betrayed.

Cold Hard Truth || Angel & Rick


Hearing that Merle thought of someone other than himself at least once was surprising. If it involved family though she could see why he done it. He’d mentioned his brother to her when she first got there, asking if she’d seen him by chance when she said she’d went through Atlanta. It was the only thing she sympathized with him over. Losing family was hard, even harder when you really thought they were still alive. “Guess the mighty Governor must’ve finally struck a nerve with him. Last time I seen him he was the asshole’s right hand man. You must have a thing about you Rick. He took a chance on you, I did. Guess that good heart you got gets through to most after a while.” 

She said it with a smile and confidence that she was speaking the truth. In honesty he was the only person she’d ever consider letting through that door. He was doing what he should have been doing, trying to keep his family together instead of laying the law down to innocent people and making rules. 

At the small chuckle that came next along with affirmation he was the infamous Officer Friendly she laughed a bit finding that  a smile suited him very much. “Wow so that’s you huh? Small world! It’s just mindblowing to be sitting here looking at this person I only heard about through his stories. I honestly thought he was bullshitting me and he was covering up some dumbass mistake he made. Now see I’d come up with a different nickname because Officer Friendly just don’t suit you.”

If there were any moment in his life that Rick found himself unable to say a thing, if ever there were a time that he felt a rise of embarrassment flood through him it would have been now. Hearing what she had just said was a little unnerving. She was being too nice and now it sure as hell felt like there was a lot of things to live up to. Protecting his family further in this hopeless world now that he had his life back, making sure he made the right decisions from here on out.

He knew though that she was someone who wasn’t expecting anything. She had the telltale signs of someone who could be trusted and knew that she was a good person as well. She had allowed them entrance in here even though she didn’t need to do that. She really was something else.

"Very small world. Never knew Merle knew anyone but Daryl but I guess there had to be some people who would put up with him." He chuckled once more and lightly shook his head as he lowered his eyes to the now empty bowl that he had been holding. His stomach felt oddly filled and he was more than grateful for that. "Yeah? Well, what kind of nickname would you go and make? Also, you could say that it was something of a dumbass mistake on his part."

Messing With the Wrong People || Loki and Rick


"Very fortunate for you indeed," Loki said. The pun wasn’t lost on him either, though that one was harder to laugh at. Days like today, Loki found himself wondering what, exactly, the point of holding onto life was. Of course, those were dark thoughts to dwell in and he didn’t want to linger on such depressing ideas. Death wasn’t an option, he wasn’t going to let it become an option. 

With as much might as he could muster, Loki grabbed hold of Rick’s arm, allowing Rick’s blood-stained fingers to grab hold of his. His muscles screamed in agony as he helped to pull the injured man up onto the awning. Rick, by no means, weighed more than the average man. It might have been a safe bet that he weighed a bit less, but Loki was underfed, tired, and, worst of all, very much human.

With his entire body tensing, it begged to release Rick by sending painful jolts throughout his body. Loki had been pushing himself since they first attacked the men delivering food. Only now, the pain became a serious problem that the once-God had difficulty ignoring.

At long last, however, he finally managed to pull Rick up onto the awning, and just in time too. Someone had rounded the corner, followed by a few others. Scouting parties. Trying to locate the gang, their priorities were, no doubt, Loki and Rick. Loki had killed several of their men while Rick was the person who Loki stuck his neck out on the line for.

"Right, but we’ll need to keep quiet. Doesn’t seem like they’ve spotted us, but the moment we go for over the fence, they will," Loki whispered, looping his arm around Rick once more. 


Unfortunately for Rick, in his current condition, Loki would probably have to, more or less, throw him over the side of the wall. Hopefully he would land without serious injury, but that couldn’t be promised. “Let’s go. The sooner we make the jump, the sooner we can join the rest of your group and burn this place to the ground. We’ll try to avoid getting shot though, that’s important.” Once they met up with the rest of the group, they would have to do something about Rick’s wound. Seal it with heat, perhaps. That would be the fastest and most effective method, but the pain would be immense. 

There was a moment of relief when he reached the awning, a hard gasp releasing itself from his chest as he leaned over and gripped onto his own pants. The pain in his leg subsided for a moment as he focused solely on getting his breathing right again. There was a moment where it felt like his lungs were on fire but quickly it faded and he managed a careful sigh once Loki got his arm carefully around him.

He knew what Loki meant. He could hear them down there, looking for Loki and Rick. Two runaway prisoners in the middle of their town. They couldn’t have them get away. Rick and his group, with Loki as well were much stronger outside of those gates than they were in here.

"Then let’s get out of here." He whispered, allowing them both a minute as he allowed more breath to swell in his chest before his eyes lifted to Loki and he gave him a calm nod.

There was a thought dwelling in him momentarily. Something small and yet something tainted and painful. If he didn’t make it, if he slowed him down and there was a window for Loki to get out he had to do it. There was no point for Loki to not get out of here after all of the trouble that Loki had gone through to gain his survival.

Before they left Rick reached his arm out and gripped Loki’s shirt with an insistent tug. “If I don’t make it…” He began, aware that they were running out of time. “…I need you to get out anyways, alright? No holding back…need you to make sure that my boy makes it away from here.’

His words were hesitant but as true as he could make them.

"Promise me that?"

The Coca-Cola Factory-Rick&Will


He had tucked away the gun and watched Rick as he moved across. He was smiling a little even if it was fear that propelled his heart into an erratic beat. He was covered in sweat. And death rot clung to every thing around them.

He looked at Rick and nodded. “Can make the same jump.’ he called out like it might’ve been something funny. “Same training.” he had to laugh to break the tension that lodged itself inside of him.

He could hear them all underneath. He could hear and feel their hunger. He was tempted to turn around. Turn around and run out. But where? There was only death there, too.

Only temptation didn’t mean want. He took a few steps back and then ran to make the leap. He managed it well enough, stabled himself and then looked at Rick and let out another chuckle. His mind was doing a balancing act again and he needed to shut it down.

"Here I am." And his smile finally fading, his eyes leaving Rick and moving to travel over the dead city. "Now where?"

They were almost there, one more jump and they would be on top of the factory itself. Everything was happening so quickly Rick was surprised- amazed even at their own zeal for being able to get through all of this in such a hurry.

It was something he wanted- needed actually.

He reached his hand out behind him and clapped Will on the back with a small sigh of reassurance. “Just one more jump. Your heart make it?” He questioned with a small smirk but his eyes were full of a compassioned quiet.

He knew that there must be anxiousness flooding him. Must be all kinds of thoughts of danger coursing through his body. Knew that the sounds of the dead were the last thing that either of them needed to hear- especially in there state.

"Because I could always make it alone and you’ll have to live your soda dreams through me."

Detention || Rick & Wichita


Wichita had lots of ideas, many that would get one or both of them in trouble. She smirked at him. “I do, but none of them would catch your interest, I’m sure. You’re old and probably afraid of a little trouble.” Wichita teased. 

"But I do love a good party." She said as she entered his house. Wichita looked around curiously as she dropped her backpack off by the front door. "I was hoping for a little flare—some sort of personality. To be honest, Mr. Grimes, I’m already bored."

"Now where is this dress? It better be pretty. I do have standards you know. I’m not always in this uniform." Wichita explained as she slid off her jacket.


Rick didn’t have anything to say in return to what she went and said. She was a kid- his eyes darted over to her but he took that thought back. She sure didn’t look like a kid in anyway.

'Well I can admit that I'm already bored with your whining. You always this much of a brat?” He questioned as he led the way towards his bedroom and threw open a small cabinet.

Reaching inside he pulled out a purple cocktail dress and tossed it on over to her, small smile on his lips as he leaned against the cabinets, watching her waiting for what she was going to say about it.

"I’m sure you’ll barely manage to fill it out. It’ll look fine, not like we have much of an option. Unless you just don’t wanna wear anything."

In This Blue Shade-{Rick+Natasha


She slipped on her dress and turned to look at him with a smile. It was new, something Jimmy just bought her. He told her to wear it when she knew she had to. And she had nodded. Knowing why he had bought. Jimmy never bought senseless gifts. Even if sometimes she wished that he would.

She moved towards him then and grabbed his hands placing them on her waist. She liked being close to him. That was dangerous. But it made it easy to play along. As long as he never found out she was lying.

Only it was hard to tell if she was lying or not. She placed her hands on his shoulders. “I could use the walk.” she said with a small nod.

She slipped from him and took his hand. She led him out of the room. “You sure you’re not minding going out?” she asked. She knew that he would get her meaning. He was married. Everyone knew that. Like everyone knew she sure as hell wasn’t his wife. “We can order to the room.”

He liked watching her dress. Watching the room’s light whisper down onto the paleness of her skin. Her clothes varied so often. Expensive fabrics or cheaper duds. Either way everything looked beautiful as it hugged over her figure and made it so much harder to tear his eyes away from her.

As she came towards her he smiled at her, hands at her waist bringing her closer to him as he offered her a smile and a shake of his head to her words.

He knew what she meant. Knew that she was something so entirely different than what he was used to. Knew that having her on his arm tonight could reach Lori’s ears but what was he really going to do? Tell her that he didn’t want her around? He couldn’t bring himself to do that. She was who he wanted to spend all of his time with.

"We’re going out. Especially with you looking the way that you do, darling." Softly he chuckled and took a kiss before he stood up and trailed his hand down to hers. "Now let’s get out of here."

Seldom Sings || Rick + Clara


There was something that was incredibly alluring about him, the way he was such a strong leader and so seemingly tough but he was so tender with her. It were as if he were a completely different person, sitting here under the night sky with her in his arms and the warmth of the fire next to them. And she was a different person too, no longer afraid of what was behind her, nor afraid of what was ahead either. She felt a strange sense of security, just merely being there with him. She felt safe. And it had been a good, long while since she had ever felt safe.

Suddenly, Clara felt bold. And as soon as his hands were on her waist, she allowed herself to go through with the bold action of going to straddle his lap, so that she was able to embrace him more fully, and properly. They were alone out here. Nobody would see them together.

He was surprised by the boldness that she displayed as she went to straddle him. Her chest was now flush against his and he stared up into her eyes as his hands still remained settled there on her small waist. A breath escaped his lips as he looked up at her, seeing her so close and seeing the way that the overhead night light caressed over her features.

She was more than he had ever seen in his life.

A smile actually managed to bring itself to his lips as he lifted his hand to lightly touch the side of her face before lowering to the back of her neck and bringing her down to steal a kiss from her again, deepening it as he pressed her closer to him.