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Un-expecting || AU || Rick&Gia


Worrying her bottom lip with her teeth was all she could do while waiting for his response; still glued to her spot; eyes having dropped to the floor. And she kept scolding herself mentally for once again not being able to successfully filter her thoughts.

It seemed that once she threw any hesitation out the window and finally made that call, had also unleashed everything she’d been trying to keep bottled down for the past month. Any ‘progress’ she thought she’d made, simply crippling to pieces just by the sound, sight and presence of him there.

Only when he started talking again, did she raise her gaze to his once more; his piercing eyes making her eventually avert her own though, because she couldn’t help but feel like he’d be able see right through her.

A breathy little chuckle managed to slip past her lips, as she let her head hang a bit, shaking it lightly to herself. “And what if I hadn’t called?” She murmured eventually, after a few moment of silence.

He could easily tell her that he had been thinking about her ever since the day they had parted. That there had been a sense of regret crawling right inside of him whenever she passed his mind. But admitting to that would open up a floodgate of emotions that he was certain would never close up again.

He couldn’t do that. Not to himself and not to her either.

Taking in a breath he glanced towards her, brows lifting slightly as if the silence had infiltrated her head and forced her to ask something so unlikely as that. It wasn’t so complicated a question but it still weighed inside of him so heavily.

"I might have called." He muttered as he rose to his feet and headed towards the kitchen. The tea was in there, he’d bring hers back with him. He just needed to be away from her for a moment, let himself be relieved of the shadow that plagued his mind. She was a fixture there and he knew that he shouldn’t have ever tried to erase her.

Taking up her mug he made his way back to where she was sitting and managed a short and uncertain smile. “And if y’weren’t sick?”

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(Closed rp) (notthegoodgrimes) Dead weight


'Stupid, stupid, stupid' Alice thought as she watched her zombified corpse shuffle and moan. Her stumbling self still wore her red summer gown - yet it was ripped and barely holing together - and it had all but lost all its long brown hair, its blue eyes had clouded over, it's skin peeling away from its bones, and yet still she could still see herself.

Why Alice tortured herself by watching her reanimated body stagger around the god forsaken world was simple - she had nothing else to do - yet surely there was something bette than this to do for eternity.

Her zombie caught sight of her and stammered towards her, moaning, arms reached out and teeth bared. Alice rolled her eyes as it passed through her. “We’ve been over this, you can’t eat me.” She groaned as it spun around and walked through again. “You’re so stupid.”

As the words left her mouth her walker turned its attention towards another in the street - a human.
“Yes, go get yourself killed. Then I won’t have to put up with you pathetic self.” She said as it shuffled away.

He had been walking, ground crushing beneath the soles of his boots as he headed away from the prison. The air was thick, dark, muggy. But he swore that he’d seen something out here. Something real. Something that looked every bit like Lori.

Drawing in a breath his eyes glanced around, hand tightened around the gun that had just been holstered. The trigger was cocked back. He was alert. He was unsure. He was nervous.

The sound of a walker approached him and he turned around, brows knitted together as he got it in his sights and deftly pulled the trigger. The sound was massive but it did the job, the corpse falling to the ground, blackened blood seeping out from the wound.

Afterwards he merely looked around some more. There had to have been someone out here. He wasn’t crazy.

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X notthegoodgrimes X



"You might want to watch where you’re walking. You’re about to put your foot into a walker’s mouth." 

"A walker’s mouth doesn’t too good. Guess I better keep my eyes open better. thanks."

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Awake and Alive | notthegoodgrimes


Romana walked over to the land where she intended to set up her own little sleeping quarters and set her bag down. It felt as if all eyes were on her and she was scared to look. While they accepted her in and made her feel as if she were one of their own, the thought of them turning on her was still one she was terrified of. If people she had never met in her life could do such unspeakable things to her, then she was sure that they could as well. 

Dropping her bag, she unzipped it and reached inside, taking out the two thick blankets she managed to keep with her. One was from her childhood, she definitely wasn’t parting with it, but the other she had taken from one of the men. It was warm and cushioned, she knew she’d need it. 

As carefully as she could, without hurting herself, she laid the blankets down, then turned, looking at the three. “I don’t make any noise in my sleep, I won’t attract walkers.” But her scent out in the open, especially with the blood from her wounds — that would probably draw them in. “All I need is half an hour and I can take watch if I need to.”

Was she selfish for sleeping? Maybe they needed sleep too. “Or I can take watch now.” Romana sat down, crossing her legs underneath her. She wasn’t attempting to lay down, she was watching them, waiting on their answer. “It’s only fair. I probably disturbed you anyway. I’m sorry. Go back to sleep.”

He could pretty much sense the fear coming off of her and feeling it rolling off of her skin like another force there inside of her was putting him on edge as well. He remembered fear like that, he remembered being as broken as she was. He hated whoever had done this to her, whoever had left her this way.

At her suggestion Rick’s brows tensed together as he looked down at her. Michonne was looking at her with equal amount of confusion as well. Rick could understand if she didn’t want to sleep. There was no way that she could be comfortable with being with people she hardly knew but sleep was necessary.

Rick waved off her words and gestured towards her pile of blankets calmly. Michonne nodded with whatever Rick had silently said as well. Carl drew in a breath and it was obvious that whatever it was that he was feeling he was showing how uncertain he was.

"No. You go on and sleep, alright? No point in us sleeping any later. Besides I’m gonna go check the traps." He nodded towards Carl who was going to be going with him.

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"Then I’d say I will come see your camp but I reserve every right to leave.  But in the very least I can stick around long enough to teach your people how to better survive in the wild.  Because it’s safer out here believe it or not."

"They don’t like it out here. Makes them feel unsettled, can’t really make them do something they don’t want- can I?"

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Michonne smiled and walked inside, pulling the curtain closed behind her. She went over to him and sat down on the side of his bed, then reached out to hold his hand.

"I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay," she said quietly, giving his hand a small squeeze. "You’re too quiet right now. Is it because of what happened?"

She knew it had to be because of the man he’d killed. There was nothing else to set him off. Maybe she could help him get back to normal.

The small squeeze that she gave his hand grounded him here further in the reality that he had been drifting in and out of since he had pulled that trigger.

He took in a breath and looked up at her, meeting her dark eyes as he gave a small and short nod. Something affirming but uncertain as well.

"I killed him…" He whispered before his eyes closed, hand gripping hers now in turn. "…like it was nothing."

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Michonne thought for a moment about what she should say. She didn’t want to seem too needy, but she didn’t want to be alone. He would have to leave at some point, but for now, she wanted him here.

"Could you stay for the rest of the day?" She asked, looking up at him. She didn’t know what his response would be, but she hoped that he would stay. She needed his company.

"It’s okay if you don’t want to."

He was surprised by her request but a smile quickly took over the expression as he offered her something of a nod. Really, he hadn’t thought she would want him here. A baby could be a hassle for her to have with her career, with everything else surrounding her life but here she was being cordial, actually asking him to stay.

"I do want to." He softly told her, smile still softly being held as he held her eyes as well. "For however long y’want."

A Friendly Face || Closed


Beth looked back at Rick with a sad smile. “I really do hope so Rick.” She told him. A few minutes went by where  Beth was quiet, trying to focus on the food. “Could you go get Daryl? It’s done.”

He nodded as soon as she spoke and turned to get Daryl. Softly he called him and the two came back where Beth was. Rick sighed softly, leaning against the wall and waited for her.

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It’s Only High School || High School AU || Mira & Rick


Mira’s smile was soft and small, “I think so- I think this is the one…” she gave a definitive nod. God did she want to kiss him again, but how could she? The way he ended their kiss back in the hallway before… it was like it was getting to far away from his original intentions. And that was fine by her- it was nice enough to just have this break from school and being able to share a nice kiss, to be asked out for a fake date.

When he mentioned them maybe getting back to class she sighed, looking at his phone, “We’ve missed two periods.” She corrected the time they’d been gone, “I guess we should go back- I wouldn’t want to ruin your permanent record and get you in too much trouble with your dad…”

The girl genuinely cared about Rick, so she would never want to put him through hell. If need be she would take all of the blame with the principal, “Come on Grimes, lets get out of here.”

He chuckled softly at his problems and nodded his head gratefully. He felt a little ridiculous, worried about GPAs and his perfect attendance. He supposed they would make an exception. He never did this, hell what if he was sick?

His smile remained on his lips as he walked on alongside her, getting out of the store after they paid and out towards the parking structure. It had been nice being with her. Nice being close to her. It had been nice in so many different ways that he wasn’t even sure if he quite knew how to explain it.

"Let’s hope I don’t fall off your bike." He joked with a small chuckle as he stood beside it, eyes waiting on her to get on.

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