By My Side - Rick & Shane


Outside the door, Shane paused and ran a hand over his head, scratching as he hit the base of his skull. Damn it, this would not be easy. There was no reason Lori really needed him now. Not that Rick was back. It didn’t matter that she clung to him now. She’d be pushing him away soon enough, like she’d done at the hospital. It had already begun.

Rick was the bad guy, but he was her bad guy. And even though she was angry at him for a lot that had gone wrong in their marriage, he was still her husband, and more importantly Carl’s father. Shane only mattered when she thought Rick was dying. He was a replacement. But that wasn’t what Shane wanted. He wanted all or nothing. He didn’t deserve to be a second choice.

He found her in the kitchen, day dreaming over the griddle. He came up behind her and folded his arms around her, tucking his chin against her shoulder. She swayed against him a little, placing her hand back to touch his shoulder. “You know things are different now. Can’t be the same. Won’t be the same.”

He tightened his grip a little at her won’t. He took a breath for courage before whispering against her ear. “Sounds like you are making decisions for everyone now, aren’t you? Just what do you think would happen if I told Rick what went on here while he’s been laid up?” Lori spun in his arms to face him, her hand raised. “Do it. Hit me. Let him ask why. I dare you, Lori. Give him even more reason to hate you.”

This was what lonely was he supposed. A room where he was the only person left and the only one who knew what a death felt like. But just like everything else he felt himself pull away as well. Pull away from the way he used to be. Things cold now and he couldn’t begin to understand why. Maybe he needed to see Carl. Maybe he needed to look into his boys eyes and have him explain just what was right and what was going to happen now.

Splashing some of the water onto his face caused a bit of a calm to wash over him. Finally he rose from the bathtub and grabbed a towel, drying himself off and stepping out, wrapping the thing around his waist so that he could walk across the hall into the bedroom.

Quietly he did so not really wanting either of them to come on and rush to his help. He didn’t need it. He could get dressed on his own. He wasn’t dead. At least not anymore he wasn’t.

As he entered the bedroom he grabbed some clothes, quickly dressing despite the pain that stung through him. Eyes closed briefly to gather his bearings before he headed towards the bedroom door, stopping at the small opening to listen just in case he wasn’t welcome yet.

And maybe he wanted to know just what they were talking about, hoping that he wasn’t a part of the conversation. One step and then another made him walk on towards the kitchen.

Maybe he should just announce his presence.

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════ Heyo! I’ve been here for a whole year! Would you imagine I made HIM of all people on EARTH DAY. SO HAPPY EARTH DAY AS WELL. Wow! I thank every single one of you. I hope all of us have had as much fun as I have with Jared. I wouldn’t have expected him to last this long which is why I thank you guys! So in celebration as my first muse lasting a full entire year, I’m posting my first follower forever for all of my favorite people! I cannot thank you guys enough for everything! I can’t thank you enough. The few compliments I do get, I’m very grateful for. You make me believe I have something good here and it makes me want to continue what I’m doing. 

Here’s a list of all the people I adore and hold close to my heart. I love all of you! 

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Send me ‡ for my character’s reaction to yours climbing into bed with mine.

He was taken aback by the presence next to him. He had been lying here for how long? It seemed to have been hours and sleep hadn’t come. He had thought that it might have been a nightmare, this presence near him. But it was real, he could even smell the copper smell of the others blood. Thick in his nose, taken into his lungs with his every breath. He turned then to see the man there, Rick. He was all cuts and bruises, all beaten. But he wasn’t dead. How come he couldn’t just die? Die. He wanted him to die. He turned now to look at him face to face, breathing in the stale remnants of a decaying man. And he pushed, pushed him off the man with a yell. “Die…DIE!” Why wouldn’t he just die?

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Make Me Choose
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rick grimes or jax teller

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A monster, a monster, And it keeps getting stronger.

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++Definitely my thing. Especially if thats what Chris wants to do…anything he wants

And the whole ditto thing

++even that ok that’s my fine by me. shhhh

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