Can’t Go Back-Rick & Wichita

He was too busy for Buttons, Rick knew that. He also knew that Carl was outgrowing wanting to take care of the dog. But really thw only reason he clung to the idea of this split ownership was to see Wichita. It might be horrible of him but Rick couldn’t help it. Not seeing her was simply something that he didn’t want to do. Sure she might no longer be his wife but that didn’t make anything easier. He loved her and he hadn’t been ready to let go like she had. This wasn’t some kind of crime or anything.

Clicking his tongue for Buttons to follow along he gently waved the leash and kept his eyes lowered. He never knew what to say to her, afraid that his next words would be a plea for her to come back to him. Would that really be so bad? It would when you were never good with words and that plea could turn out being the least romantic thing he’s ever done. That was his nervous fear and he hated the thought that this quiet was the reason she wasn’t with him anymore. Didn’t she love him still?

Finally he saw her and took in a breath. She looked the same. Beautiful, sweet, altogether amazing. He could have told her that, but the fact that she looked so great now meant that she was probably happy without him. That caused another nervewracking emotion right through j im, stinging its way in. He took the steps needed, following after her until he stopped, cleared throat to get her attention before leaning down and taking Buttons in his arms, clumsily at first before stilling.

"Am I late?"

The Purge || Notthegoodgrimes || Closed RP



When the men went on their way after finishing off the elder in the middle lying in the middle of the road, Genesis turned back to face Rick only for a moment before she began to walk into the now lonely road. She didn’t really enjoy him telling her what to do, so she gave him a quick glare. 

"If you want to move at a different pace," she argued, "Then you are more than welcome to head off on your own." Genesis didn’t trust him, so why she was letting him follow her was still a wonder. But it wasn’t like she had any means to scare him off.

"Fair enough." Rick muttered but he still followed her. There was something urging up inside of him and he was trying his hardest to hold back but as they walked further and further his mind went crazy.

"How long until your place?" He questioned, voice a little stiff as he spoke. He was uncertain now just how to keep himself from lashing out.



Shane was bullheaded, strong-willed, and a force of nature like his mother before him.  He wouldn’t likely be convinced of much once he had an idea in his head. “Lead the way.”  

Rick nodded, stepping forward and allowing the road to lead him towards one of the cars nearby. Opening it up he threw his bag in and glanced back at Shane. “You wanna drive?”



"I come from stubborn people.  Rick, if you manage to pull one over on me without me knowing, I won’t even argue you being out there.  You’d have earned it."  He snorted.  "But I wish you luck, there."

Now there was a good enough challenge. “Think I might take you up on that…someday.”



"This isn’t the first body I’ve disposed of, Rick, and it won’t be the last.  Assassin and all that."  The sheer amount of ways Shane knew to dispose of human remains was likely disturbing to most - or it would be if he ever showed them.  "I think I can handle it.  Just get those poor souls to rest, yeah?"

Of course Shane knew how to do this. He knew how to blast into Terminus and get things fixed- why wouldn’t he know how to do this? “Alright, it’ll be done when you get back.”

Fινє Lσηg Yєαяѕ || Rιcк & ƐƖƖαηα


        “I’m sorry Rick.” Ellana then began, as a hand found it’s way throughout those chocolate brown locks. As rose lips parted, and a soft, tired sigh flew its way out into the nights air. “I never wanted any of this to happen. I never wanted to put you, or your kids in any danger. But, when he found me, when he took me he found that photo…Then, when I escaped. Well…I can’t let you guys get hurt because of me.” 


       At that, the brunette paused once more. At that, she let those hazel hues fall back down to the table before them. “Please, just, hate me all you want. But let me help. Let me make sure that Knight doesn’t hurt anyone else because of me. Because of what I am.”

He knew that in turning her away he would be throwing his kids without protection. So heavily he sighed and lowered his eyes. She was right even if he hated to admit it.

"Fine.’ He whispered, eyes holding hers carefully without much feeling put there even if inside he was somewhat terrified at the thought of losing his kids. "How do you suppose you’ll help?"

"Your son... Carl?" Loki paused for a moment, looking the man in the eye. "How old is he? I admit, I'm shocked to see a child. I haven't seen a living child in ages. He must be something special."



Rick’s eyes found Loki and he could see the shock written there on the man’s features. Carl, just a kid, had survived longer than most people would in this darkness. Yet here they were. Here he was. “14.” He replied before a gaze was given to his boy. “Yeah, must be. Don’t rightly know how he does it but he’s the strongest person I know.”


Loki met Rick’s eye for a moment, smirking before he picked up his own hand. Once he spread his cards wide enough to see all the cards, however, he huffed and pouted. “Are we sure Daryl didn’t stack the deck?” he asked. “I think he might have stacked the deck.” Whether or not Loki was bluffing would have to be decided by the others, though he actually wasn’t. His hand sucked and if he had any hope of winning, he would have to rely on others believing him to be bluffing.


Since Loki set down his cards Rick couldn’t help but eye him carefully. Was he kidding? Was he going to pull something out and eventually steal away with the whole pot? “Didn’t stack nothin’.” Daryl muttered with a shake of his head and a bit of a smirk as he dropped a couple of cards for another set. Rick looked between his cards and Loki before a smile brightened his lips. “Well guess the deck was stacked for me then.”

Messing With the Wrong People || Loki and Rick


Are you all right to keep going?

Truthfully, Loki wanted to say no. He wanted to say that he was exhausted, that he just wanted to sleep for a few hours. Without will power, the former-God would have passed out where he lie upon the grass. He’d been locked up in Terminus for seven days. Seven days that he went with nothing to eat because he didn’t trust the food they gave to him. None of them had been keen on the idea of force feeding Loki, so he didn’t get any nourishment for a week.

Sleep came in small quantities too. Having uncomfortable quarters to rest in and conditioning himself to sleeping only a few hours at a time—this gave him maximum opportunity to keep himself safe inside Terminus and outside. He, after all, had the Dead to worry about—his energy ran low. Fatigue set in after they first escaped their quarters. Jumping the guards who delivered food to them hadn’t been an easy task and how Loki managed to do so effortlessly remained unknown to him.

Muscles cramped from exhaustion. The adrenaline faded from his system now, leaving him not wanting to move. Eyesight became blurry from the wound on his cheek that would, no doubt, scar, and his eyes watered with no signs of letting up.

If he hadn’t been stuck in this mortal form, his body wouldn’t be suffering any of the current problems he was experiencing.


Regardless of what his body wanted, he knew he couldn’t stop. His life and Rick’s life depended on it. “Don’t really have much of a choice, huh?” Loki asked as the commotion from the other side of the wall grew louder and louder. “I’ll sleep once we’re safe, or I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Lord how he wanted to just sleep.

With Rick’s help, Loki pulled himself up from the ground, much to his body’s displeasure. “Which way to these weapons you’ve stashed?”

Concern held Rick’s mind in its sway as he passed through the thoughts of something happening to Loki. Something taking his life right from where it was and putting him somewhere where he wasn’t going to come back from. Only thing was Rick was certain that Loki wasn’t going to die- Rick refused to let that happen. Yeah, he had no control over anything that might happen but for now Rick was certain that the two of them together could get past this.

"Guess not…" He trailed off hesitantly, wishing that it wasn’t true. The man looked half dead but if they were battling against the conditions around them then Rick was sure that he would press on.

Loki appeared to be the strongest man that he knew.

"Alright then…’ He began, eyes looking ahead of him as he carefully shifted Loki’s weight that he helped assist him with. His form was heavy, nearly clumsy in its own holding itself up.

"Just a short while down, around the gates." It was dangerous now, he knew and the buried weapons would have more of a role that Rick had initially thought.

Eventually they found the spot and Rick let Loki lean against one of the trees with a heave of a breath, letting him prop himself before he finally moved to an area, newly unsettled and he got down on his knees. A pained hiss came from him but he ignored the throbbing echoing through him as he started to claw at the dirt with his hands- Desperation and anticipating got the better of him and he was about ready to give up when his hand hit the bag where the weapons are.

He turned to look at Loki and nodded. “It’s here.” He answered, fingers gripping the edge of the bag before he pulled back. “Come on, we need to move again.”

New Sheriff In Town || Liam & Rick


Liam nodded accepting his words. When bullets started to fly he knew that answer may change but he’d deal with it then. He just needed a level headed answer right now and that’s exactly what he got. The fallen angel was used to his immortality and it still proved to be true at least among humans and their weapons. That wasn’t why he was put on this earth to suffer, for them to kill him. That was another subject Rick may be entitled to if this went okay. 

"Well then, let’s have some fun shall we?" He said and flicked the safety off of his pistols moving toward the door. There was a quicker way to the traincar where the rest of the group was and that was the only thing he was going to suggest to Rick before they left the door. Other than that it was his show. "Take a left once you get out into the open and double back behind all the buildings, you’ll get to the traincar quicker and put guns in their hands before everyone is able to figure out what’s going on."

Opening the door he reached up and popped his neck with one hard shove to his jaw sending chills down the scars left from his wings. “If you need anything else now’s the time to speak up. Once we get out of here we can’t come back. Those zombie bastards will come running at the sound of gunfire and overtake this place pretty quick.”

The thought of heading there, putting his group right in the middle of possible danger was nerve wracking. There were so many fatal possibilities but Rick knew that they had to survive them either way. He nodded to the directions that Liam gave him and hell he was hoping that no matter what this wasn’t some sort of ploy to get them all dead. It didn’t seem that way. Why would this guy waste his time on that?

"I’ve got what I need." He answered simply as he moved away from the door and slipped out the door. He knew that Liam might have been moving and he would have been nervous for the other man if things were going in the direction of possible failure. But Liam was more than capable, that much Rick could tell and he knew that he had placed the future of his group in the right hands- for now at least.

Following the orders that he’d returned he skimmed the buildings, hand steady on the gun, finger waiting readily on the trigger. A chill crawled up his spine, he was uncertain over all this, lost in some sort of maze that might upend any confidence he had left in himself- but he knew he had to get through all of it.

Finally he saw the Train car and he made his way to it, getting the door opened and whispering inside for everyone to follow him. As they came out one by one he filled their hands with a weapon.

"Let’s get moving."

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"You don’t have to thank me," Michonne said with a smile. She sat up on the bed and moved over to him. He looked tense right now, and she wondered what had him like this.

Running her hands down his back, Michonne moved closer and started to massage him, working out the knots in his muscles. He worried and worked too much, and she could tell by the way he was so tense. She wanted him to relax right now.

"I think we should tell Carl about us," she said after a few minutes, still trying to make him relax. "Especially since we share a bed sometimes. I don’t want him to just walk in on us and find out that way."

A relieved breath escaped his parted lips as she worked on his back. He leaned back into her hands and felt himself relax a little beneath the weight and strain of the day.

Then she mentioned Carl and he nearly tensed up again. However he forced himself to be relaxed, forced himself to feel better as he turned to look up at her- even if it would halt her movements.

'Are you ready for that?” He whispered, still so unsure on if Carl would really mind or not. He loved Michonne, he knew that.

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